Having a website for your business is no longer a luxury, it's a necessity. Unfortunately, that can be an issue for the small business owner.

Large corporations have the budget to work with marketing and advertising firms that charge a premium for their services. These websites cost thousands of dollars to design and maintain! Even some small business websites can cost upwards of $5,000, when working with a large online marketing firm. It's just not a cost-effective option for small or new businesses.

In an attempt to save money, many small business owners will create their own website with one of the free providers out there. However, the only thing worse than not having a website, is having a bad website that's not engaging, user-friendly, fully-responsive, or search engine optimized. Potential customers will judge your business based on your website, so web design is not an area where you want to cut corners. How about a social media strategy? Many businesses know they need to be "on" social media, but they don't know how/what to post, don't have enough time to be consistent, and/or don't know how to grow their audience.

I believe that every business deserves to have a beautiful website and social media strategy that effectively promotes their business online. I genuinely care about my clients and their success, which is why providing effective and affordable options for online marketing is so important to me. I founded this company with a passion for marketing and helping small businesses thrive! Equipped with extensive small business knowledge and years of sales and marketing experience, I look forward to working with you to develop an online marketing strategy. If you already have a plan in place, I would be happy to discuss opportunities to enhance your current strategy. Click here to see a list of services.

I offer a complimentary consultation and website preview, prior to committing. Your success is my focus. I am happy to travel to your business location or have our initial discussion via phone/email. If you are not located within the greater Indianapolis area, don't worry! I am happy to meet virtually via Lync or Skype.

Let's connect! Feel free to reach me by phone, email, or through the contact section of this website. I sincerely look forward to hearing from you!



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