Local Customers Start Their Search Online

Today’s local consumer is more savvy than ever before. When searching for local products and services, the majority of consumers will turn to the internet first. If your small business does not have a website, you are practically invisible to potential customers. 
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A Website Builds Credibility

What impression do you make online?  When customers search online and don’t find your business, it’s almost as if your company does not exist. They may pass you by to choose a competitor. Consumers now expect every credible business to have a website. 
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A Website Saves You Time and Money

Think of your website as the perfect employee - it’s always on time, works 24/7, does exactly what you ask, and always promotes your brand in a positive manner. Your website saves you countless hours on the phone by providing answers to your customers’ common questions like hours of operation, directions, menus, and information about your products and services.
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A Website Keeps You in Touch with Customers

Whether your business has a website or not, customers are still talking about you online. Using online reviews, blogs and social networks, customers are sharing their opinion - good and bad - with the public. While a website will not prevent a negative review, it does offer customers the ability to contact you online directly and discreetly to share their concerns.
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A Website Can Increase Sales

A website is more than just selling things online. A website can be your most powerful lead generator. With a beautiful presentation of your products / services, and encouragement for people to contact you on every page of your site, you can significantly increase calls and emails. Drive new business and grow sales from an online presence designed to do exactly that.
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